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Belgian Surrealist René Magritte is the subject of the debut exhibition, “Dangerous Liaisons”, at New York’s secondary market dealership Blain Di Donna (28 October-1 December).  Of the 28 works in the exhibition only a fifth are for sale ranging in price from $800,000 to $6m. “You can’t gather top-quality material that’s all for sale at the same time,” said Emmanuel Di Donna, the former vice chairman of Sotheby’s Worldwide who co-founded the gallery last November with Haunch of Venison gallery co-founder Harry Blain.  Although Magritte created around 2,000 works, supply is limited, says Di Donna.  The bulk of work is, however, still in private collections, principally in Europe and specifically in Belgium.  “Magritte is more desirable than ever,” says Di Donna, pointing to museum exhibitions in Europe this autumn including Tate Liverpool (until 16 October) and Vienna’s Albertina (9 November – 26 February, 2012).  This is paralleled in the market, he says: “Prices have definitely gone up in the last few years, and they will likely continue to do so: major gouaches are now around $3m to $5m, and important paintings are in the $30m to $40m level.”

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